Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the main sewage collector in Maribor

Municipality of Maribor has to settle the area of collection and treatment of waste water according to the legislation. The sewage system of the city is partly already built but it is necessary to build additional canalisation. Central waste water treatment plant (CWWTP) is in the phase of construction. Waste water from the city of Maribor will be canalised to the CWWTP in the settlement Dogoše by the main sewage collector that has following characteristics:
§ the length is 8552 meters,
§ dimensions of the pipeline: 1300 meters in the first part (from the company Svila to the connection point with the sewage collector Tezno II) and 1600 meters in the second part (from the connection point with the sewage collector Tezno II to the CWWTP),
§ the distances between shafts are maximal 125 meters, there are 114 shafts.

The line of the sewage collector is running through the regional park Drava and is approaching the natural monument Old river basin of the river Drava. The line of the sewage collector is also approaching the cultural heritage such as archaeological site from the roman times in Dogoše.

In environmental impact assessment report we take into consideration many aspects of the investment and on the basis of the study we conclude the following: at the operation of the main sewage collector and belonging buildings there is potential negative influence on the air quality, smell, but it will not load the natural environment. Therefor the execution of the project is acceptable for the natural environment.