Investment documentation for the main sewage collector Maribor-south

In the first phase the settlements Zgornje Hoče, Spodnje Hoče, Rogoza and Miklavž will be connected to the main sewage collector. In the second phase also the settlements Skoke, Dobroce, Dravski dvor, Slivnica, Radizel, Orehova vas and Hotinja vas will be connected to it.

From the environmental protection point of view the building of the new sewage collector Maribor-south will have important role in improving the quality of the groundwater in Dravsko polje. The waste waters from this area are now drained into the rivulets and after that they stream underground. Dravsko polje is beside Mursko and Ptujsko polje one of the most important agricultural areas in Slovenia. Beside that Dravsko polje is the second biggest area of groundwater stock in Slovenia and therefor an important source of drinking water in this area.

The execution of one part of the sewage collector between settlements Rogoza and Miklavž and CWWTP Maribor will be financed partly from international and partly from home financial sources. In July 2000 IEI Maribor in co-operation with external partners prepared the investment documentation that enable to gain the half of the financial sources needed from the EU. Other funds will be assured by the Ministry for the environment and spatial planning and by the municipalities Hoče-Slivnica and Miklavž na Dravskem polju.

In this section the following objects will be built:
§ sewage collector from Rogoza to Miklavž,
§ sewage collector from Miklavž to CWWTP Maribor in Dogoše,
§ object for retardation and pumping of the waste water that is collected in Miklavž,
§ object for measuring the … of waste water that are collected in Rogoza.

Preparation works are supposed to start in May 2001.