First draft for sanitation and enlargement of the landfill for municipal waste in Pragersko:

The landfill for municipal waste in Pragersko is located cca 100 meters south from the settlement Pragersko. The waste collecting area presents 367 km2 and includes 33.529 inhabitants. The number of people included into the regular waste collecting scheme was around 20.000 in the year 1999. This is 60% of the people living in this area.

The landfill Pragersko has been operating since 1983, the area of the filled landfill is cca 5 ha. The closing of the landfill is planned after 2021, which means that the standards of the landfill will have to adapt to the new laws and regulations.

The project of sanitation and enlargement of the landfill includes the putting up of the waste receiving and treatment centre with:
§ functional buildings,
§ the place for the receiving of waste and the control (scale and the administration building),
§ platform for washing the waste collection trucks,
§ place for the temporary depositing of waste (separate collection of waste in the recycling centre),
§ place for mechanical-biological treatment of waste (with mechanical and biological line for waste separation: plastics, paper and board, aluminium and metal, glass etc.),
§ garage for repairing the trucks,
§ suitable communal infrastructure (road, sewage system for rain and waste water, waterworks, backyard, phone etc.).

The execution of the project will be divided in three phases according to the needs and economical capability of the investor.

In the first phase the building of the entrance and exit infrastructure is planned (scale, recycling centre, reestablishment of the monitoring, sanitation of the present landfill). This investment will cost cca. 190 million SIT.

In the second phase we planned the building of the new landfill together with the fixing in the ground where the waste will be placed till the year 2003. Investment into second phase is cca. 194 million SIT.
The last phase is the building of the mechanical biological line for composting and the purchase of all equipment needed. The last phase will require cca. 774 million SIT.

The whole investment is estimated to be cca. 1.130 million SIT.