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Privacy settings

In the company IEI d.o.o. we respect the privacy of our users and we do everything according to the Personal Data Protection Act. Collected personal data we only use for the actions described below and we do not mediate them to any third person.



Coockies are small files and these files our web page sends to your computer and they get seved there. Cookies are saved in the data menu of the web browser. When you visit a certain web page for another time the browser reads cookies on your computer and sends the information to the web page. If you want to learn more about cookies technology you can visit some network pages, such as http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookie or www.aboutcookies.org

Different types of cookies and their purpose

We use cookies so we can offer you a better user experience when you visit a certain web page and also for analyzing purposes.
Our web page uses following types of cookies:

Statistics cookies (Google Analytics)

Cookies collect data in anonymous form together with the number of visitor on the web page, information about from which page did they connect to ours, which other pages they visited etc. all this data is useful to improve the activity of our web page and also to improve the quality of its content. This also means a better user experience for anyone who visit our web page. This is the reason we ask you to allow our statistics cookies.

Cookie name service duration description
_utma Google Analytics 2 years Used for user identification (number of visit, first and last visit)
_utmb Google Analytics 30 minutes Used to register the duration of the visit. Registers the exact time of session starting
_utmc Google Analytics End of session Used to register the duration of the visit
_utmz Google Analytics 6 months Used to register the side from which user connected to this location from which he came to this site


Necessary cookies

Inside this group we regard session cookies. These cookies last only until for the time of your visit of the web page and they register all activities you have made during your visit, they can be generated also by web server itself. Additional obligatory cookies are also the ones that register your permission about using the cookies.


Cookie name service duration description
ASPSESSION server End of session It is generated by the server and it is necessary for the page to work
cc_analytics Cookie privacy settings 1 year It saves your cookies privacy settings with the purpose for visit statistics
cc_necessary Cookie privacy settings 1 year For saving settings for necessary cookies



Cookies management

Inside the browser

Inside the web browser you have a possibility to manage your cookies. This way you can manage cookies that are connected to basic functions, web site improvement and with individual adjustment and marketing. Web browsers are offering different options to disabling cookies - usually you can find them in a menu bar Tools or in a menu bar Options.
The latest version of Internet Explorer and Google Chrome allows you to disable all cookies even before staring any session and they will not be saved on your computer ven at your first visit of a certain web page.
Cookies can also be erased from your computer later. But from a type of browser it depends where those files get saved and which procedure deletes them. For detailed information about this you should search inside the browser you are using.


On a web page


When you first viit the page the information banner appears on the top of the page saying "This page uses cookies for a better user experiance. Do you allow cookies?" You can confirm the use of all cookies or you can see details and chose only the use of certain.
After allowing or disallowing cookies the information ribbon disapears and a frame on the bootom of the page appears saying "privacy settings (cookies)". Click on it and a window opens where you can set web page privacy. Necessary cookies are activated by default, by statistics of visit you can choose between "allow" and "disallow". Even when you fisrt visit the page the settings are on "disallow" by default. Until you choose "allow", there will not be any savings of web page statistics cookies on your computer.
If later you change your mind and you wish to choose a different setting, privacy settings are available at any subpage. In a case if you have allowed us to use cookies at first and later you changed your mind, those files are still present on your computer; but they are no longer active. However if you wish, you can manually delete them a help from a browser.


For the purpose of cookies activity settings additional cookies are saved on your computer; in those a value of your setting is saved. These cookies belong under necessary cookies, because without those you can not perform the activities of a settings system.

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