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ÍKOPROFIT« (ECOPROFIT - "ECOlogical PROject For Integrated Environmental Technology") is a program for sustainable economic and ecological development.  Program was developed by the Environmental Department of the City Graz, Austria, in 1991. Cleaner Production Centre - CPC, Graz, Austria is the holder of entire project.  More about company you can get here: http://www.cpc.at.

An important factor in the success of ÍKOPROFIT« is the special way local authorities, businesses and consultants work together through common training programs and networking. This strong co-operation enables an effective flow of information and considerable synergies.

The establishment of an international ÍKOPROFIT« Network enables participating companies, consultants, local authorities and research institutions to benefit from synergies by sharing knowledge.  The economic, ecological and social value of ÍKOPROFIT« perfectly complies with the three dimensions of sustainable development. Main goals of the ÍKOPROFIT« are:
  • to prevent and reduce  waste quantities and wastewaters;
  • drinking water management;
  • to reduce use of energy;
  • to reduce emissions of noise;
  • to reduce emissions of material into air;
  • to reduce emissions of material into water;
  • substitutions of hazardous substances with more environmental friendly substances.

 ÍKOPROFIT« builds on a step-by-step plan consisting of an academy, a basic program and a subsequent club program. In basic program companies are trained for reducing costs at investments, ecological efficiency and operative steps for protecting environment.  In workshops acquired knowledge about net management, etc. will be transferred to employees of participating companies under the organisation's guidance.

Operational objectives and the idea of regional environmental protection are equally important for the future diversification of the economy and a guarantee for future jobs. ÍKOPROFIT« consequently contains a social component.

ÍKOPROFIT« advantages for companies
  • Increase in production efficiency and reduction of costs through lower consumption of raw materials and energy ;
  • Reduction of costs through less waste and emissions;
  • Legal certainty through official support;
  • Training of employees in the areas of environmental protection, production efficiency and cost awareness;
  • Synergies through common training programs with other companies;
  • Support of the project by local authorities;
  • International market opportunities through networking;
  • Certification as an official "ÍKOPROFIT? -company" and integration in joint PR activities;
  • Preparation or addition to EMAS or ISO 14001.

ÍKOPROFIT« was a pilot project in city Maribor in 2002. In last year project was successfully finished. In next table some results of this basic program is shown. 20 subjects were taking basic program in Maribor in 2002.


Estimated yearly savings in EUR







Ecologic buying


Process optimisation




Table 1: Results of basis project in year 2002

This year second project was started - Ecoprofit 2004. It will be finished in 2006. It will be founded by European union, Municipality of Maribor and companies which will participate.
As local consultants IEI L.t.d. will also participate in this project.

Contact person: Sebastjana Klepec, Bsc.

Written by: Sebastjana Klepec, Bsc.

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