Project Ecoprofit: Certification of the company IEI d.o.o. ; (Source:IEI)

Our company started to participate in Ecoprofit project (Ecological Project For Integrated Environmental Technology) in 2002. Project is co-ordinated by the company CPC Austria. The main purpose of the project is to strengthen companies economically by using environmental-friendly technologies and simultaneously improves the ecological situation in a region. More about the project:

For the first year of our participation in the project we decided to start with separate waste collection. We separately collect paper/cardboard, batteries and toners for printers. We return toners to our supplier which sells us the recycled, respectively, refilled ones. This action already result in some economic benefit.

In the commission there were Suzana Prajnc-Potrč (Environmental Protection Agency, Municipality of Maribor), Holzner Christoph (CPC Austria) and Ivan Meier (Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia, Regional Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Maribor). They listened to the presentation about the company itself, measures and the achievements in first year. After discussion they took a look of the company. The commission apprised the results as positive and incentive.

Our company has the intention to continuously co-operate in the project and lower the negative impact to the natural environment.

For more information about the companies participation in the project contact Mojca Langerholc (phone: ++386 2 300-48-42 or e-mail:

Written by Mojca Langerholc.

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