VIIth International Symposium Waste Management Zagreb 2002   (Source::IEI)

The "VIIth International Symposium Waste Management Zagreb 2002" took place from the 14th until the 16th of November 2002 in Zagreb, Croatia. Three of our employees attended the symposium (Željko Blažeka, Mojca Langerholc and Sabina Žaja). Sabina Žaja presented a project concerning a proposed municipal solid waste management centre for one smaller region in Slovenia.

The symposium went on for three days in parallel sessions with the main emphasis on waste disposal and landfills for municipal and hazardous waste. Part of the symposium focused on legitimate and financial regulations in the fields of solid waste, recycling and re-use, separate waste collection at source, the different experiences of participating companies in the field of packaging and packaging waste, alternative possibilities for leachate treatment (constructed wetlands), landfill control (leachate, biogas). One section focused on education and awareness-raising issues.

On the third and last day there were two excursions organised including visits to the Prudenac/Jakuševec landfill (Zagreb, Croatia) and a regional waste management centre near Budapest (Hungary).

The paper entitled "Waste treatment centre CeRO-Celje" presented at the Symposium can be downloaded in PDF form in slovenian, english or croatian language.

Written by Mojca Langerholc.

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