Landfill for municipal waste (Hooge Maey) ad landfill for hazardous waste in Antwerp, Belgium  (Source::IEI, Ltd and Indaver, Antwerpen)

We visited landfill for municipal waste that is located in one of the harbours in Antwerp. About thirty years ago, Antwerp started to use the site "Hooge Maey" as a landfill. At that times, rules and regulations regarding operation and environmental issues were far less strict than today. It became apparent that, in order to continue using the site, it needed a complete remediation. A special company was founded in 1998. The purposes of the companies are: remediation, layout, operation, capping and aftercare of the landfill. 

In 1999 a total volume of  238.000 m3 was filled with municipal waste. The total weight amounts up to 256.000 tons. On average 1.000 tons of municipal waste was dumped every day. Some 60.000 m3 leachate was pumped away for treatment. The waste composition is as follows: 

  •  134.000 tons of municipal waste, 
  •  45.000 tons of waste after recycling,
  •  40.000 tons of non-toxic, industrial waste,
  •  37.000 tons of furnace ashes and
  •  2.5000 tons of sludges form waster treatment. 

The landfill covers 30 ha with 40 meters height and has a capacity till 55 meters height. The amount of municipal waste will further decline due to the recent opening of the waste furnace in Antwerp. 

During last few years they build a weighing bridge and protective fence, they started with maintenance program for machinery such as pumps and compressors, and they plan to reconstruct the entrance road, to cover the landfill with geotextile, to install the nests…

Just a railway separate the landfill for municipal waste from the closed and operating landfill for hazardous waste. The closed part of the landfill does not fulfil the regulation. Therefore the remediation will be done partly with excavation, partly with covering the landfill and building of the drainage system for leachate. In this area many water bodies arose where many birds are living (ducks and swans), the rest of the area is many covered with grass. The water bodies will be dried-up, the landfill will be covered and prepared for postoperation. On the site the power plant for wind energy will be set up. The operating part of the landfill is build according to the new regulations.


In the same area the incinerators for waste are operating.    

You can read more about the company on their web page:

Written by Mojca Langerholc.

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