Business profile IEI Ltd.

  Address: IEI Ltd.
Ljubljanska ulica 9
2000 Maribor,Slovenia
  Telephone: +386 (2) 300 48 11
  Telefax: +386 (2) 300 48 35
  Legally form: Business company - limited company
  Founded: 9. 11. 1989
  Nominal capital: 5.000.000,00 SIT
  Owners: Željko Blažeka, Uroš Krajnc
  General manager : Željko Blažeka BSc, Civil Engineering
30 persons

  Financial transactions: 2 mio EUR (500 mio SIT)
  Bank connections:

ABANKA d.d. Ljubljana
glavna podružnica Maribor
Transaction account: 051008010058504

Bank account: 27620-633-954-9741 - IEI d.o.o.
S.W.I.F.T. code: KBMA SI 2x
NKBM Maribor d.d.

  Other informations: Registry number: 5295149
Tax number: SI53035143
Core activity code: 73.101

  Memberships: Slovenian Water Management Society
Engineer Chamber of Slovenia

  Authorization / registry: Authorization for Environmental Impact Studies No. SP 51-51/01 from Ministry of Environment and spatial planning

Central Consultancy Register EU - PHARE/TACIT No.:SLO-19491/98

Authorization for designing company at the Engineer Chamber of Slovenia (IZS)

Authorization researches organization at the Ministry of education, science and
sport No.: 86