Wastewater treatment plants and biogas plants
Sewage systems
Waste management
Water supply
Water Source Management and soil use
Research and development

Sustainable solutions and services on wastewater treatment and biogas plants

  • analyses of optimal variants of wastewater drainage and treatment
  • analyses of spatial conditions for determinations of optimal wastewater treatment plant location
  • analyses of possible treatment variants
  • optimization of technological and technical solutions
  • analyses of state and possible measures in cases reconstruction and rahebilitation of existiing facilities
  • making of all types of design and technical documentation
  • sugestions for reconstruction and improvement of state of existing treatment plants
  • designer supervision over construction
  • supervision according to Construction Act
  • help making public tenders
  • assisting in the evaluation of offers for design and / or construction of buildings
  • consultancy during construction of plants
  • management conultancy devices
  • consultancy during operations of plants and test operation of plants

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