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5th workshop for young researchers


Our 5th workshop for young researchers took place on the 7th of February 2014 at the Rogla hotel.  In his opening speech Mr. Željko Blažeka (director of the IEI, Ltd.) admonished the value of researching activities and the need to involve young researchers and also to involve economy. He introduced the activities at the IEI, Ltd. Company and then headed the word to the young researchers. They introduced themselves with their doctor dissertation and intermediate research results. The mentors of the young researchers and also other professional participants all took part in the discussions by the presentations and exposed professional issues.

The involvement of the numerous professional participants from different fields shows the significance of such workshops.

The participants, lecturers and mentors that attended the workshop are from Ecological Engineering Institute, Jožef Stefan Institute, Faculty of Civil and Geodetic Engineering, Biotechnical Faculty of Ljubljana, Brodarski Institute from Zagreb, Institute for Environmental Protection and Sensors from Maribor, Ministry of Agriculture and Environment, Slovenian environment agency and others. Such professional composition lead to interesting discussions during and after the workshop.

The workshop was followed by the common lunch at the hotel restaurant, which was meant for the social gathering on the professional level for all the participants of the workshop.



Mr. Željko Blažeka (Director of IEI, d.o.o.) Workshop participants Workshop participants Matjaž Novak, B.Sc. Tina Mesarič, B.Sc. Kristina Obu Vazner, B.Sc. Janja Vrzel, B.Sc. Jasna Smolar, B.Sc. Marko Golna, B.Sc. Workshop participants during the break Workshop participants during the break Arne Bratkič, Sc. D. Mario Panjičko Martina Tišma, Doc.-Sc.D. Maja Bauman, Sc.D. Mojca Poberžnik, Sc.D.

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