Water Source Management and soil use

  • consultancy for reaching a good state of surface water and grundwater
  • drafting expert basis for exercising the water right
  • making hydraulic and hydrological simulations in the framework of ecological problems of low and high water
  • determining ecologically acceptable discharges
  • making of all types of design, urban planning and investment documentation
  • planning infrastructures for monitoring quality and quantity of grundwater and surface water resources
  • supervision according to Construction Act
  • performing engineering tasks according to FIDIC
  • expert help for drafing documentation for different phases of public tenders
  • writing applications for EU grants
  • consultancy for management of existing plants
  • monitoring and managing test operations of plants, supervision over test operation

Ecological engineering institute d.o.o. Ljubljanska ulica 9
2000 Maribor, SI
T: +386 (0)2 30 04 811
F: +386 (0)2 30 04 835


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